June 22, 2019

Injured (Pinnacle Trail)

A party of four was hiking on the main Pinnacle Trail.  The female subject slipped, twisting her left ankle and heard a “snap.”  She was unable to bear weight on the injured leg and the party called 911 for assistance.
The Stowe Mountain Rescue Hasty Team accessed the patient from the Pinnacle Meadows Trail Head and the Litter Team accessed the patient from Farrell Farm Lane.  The patient was located at approximately 1950′ on the Pinnacle trail, just as it steepens before the Pinnacle Meadows trail intersection.
The patient was immobilize with a lower-leg vacuum splint and vacuum mattress.  She was then evacuated with a Stokes Litter and wheel down the Pinnacle Trail to a Stowe Rescue Ambulance waiting at the end of Farrell Farm Lane.  The evacuation was completed without incident.

Team Members Responding
Veliko, Westervelt, Miller, Eykelhoff, Wehse, Millick, Charlouton

Other Agencies Responding
Stowe Rescue

Time of Event
1340 – 1630

Weather Conditions
Clear, Calm, 75 deg F

June 2, 2019

Lost Hikers (Deer Pond Trail)

Two elderly guests at Trapp Family Lodge became disoriented while on a hike on the resorts ski trails.  The couple called 911 for assistance at 1830 and the call was transferred to SMR.  After obtaining the couples coordinates, it was determined they were located on Deer Pond Trail, just south of Russel Knoll Track.  Multiple efforts were made to direct the couple back to Sugar Road without success.
The weather was deteriorating and the male subject was becoming very fatigued.  At 1930 the team was dispatched to locate and evacuate the couple.
The subjects were quickly located and evacuated by ATV without incident and delivered back to Trapp Family Lodge.  They were both interviewed, examined and determined to be in good condition and released.

Team Members Responding
Veliko, Westervelt, Wehse, Millick, Chegwidden, Charlouton, Clymer

Other Agencies Responding

Time of Event
1830 – 2045

Weather Conditions
Overcast/Raining, 60 deg F

May 18, 2019

Injured Hikers (Moss Glen Falls)

Two hikers at Moss Glen Falls fell approximately 45′ landing in the bottom of the falls.

The female subject approached the edge of the lower falls, slipped and started to fall into the gorge.  The male subject attempted to grab her and stop her fall, but he also fell into the gorge.  The top 25′ is about 80 degrees slope and the two subjects likely slide most of this distance but the last 20′ is vertical to slightly overhanging resulting in a free fall into the river with a depth of about 8-10 inches, but most likely landing largely on rocks.

Both subjects were found sitting on the edge of river right, conscious and alert, both very cold and slightly hypothermic (water temperature was very cold).

The patients were evaluated by SMR & two Stowe Rescue Squad (SRS) paramedics.  Both patients had their wet clothing removed, dry insulation applied and received medication for pain management.

The male patient sustained a potential head, neck and upper arm injury; he was immobilized with a cervical collar & vacuum mattress (head/neck injury) and a sling and swath (arm).  The male subject was evacuated first via a litter carry through the river and then a quick carry out on the trail to waiting SRS ambulances.

The female subject had multiple lacerations and a dislocated shoulder; she was immobilized in a semi-sitting position in the litter with a vacuum mattress and bulky padding and was evacuated via litter carry through the river and the trail to a SRS ambulance.

Stowe Rescue, Stowe Police and Stowe Fire Department personnel supported the rescue effort.

Team Members Responding
Veliko, McLean, Eykelhoff, Burke, Wehse, Millick, Clymer

Other Agencies Responding
Stowe Rescue Squad

Stowe Police Department

Stowe Fire Department

Time of Event
1030 – 1230

Weather Conditions
Mostly Sunny/Calm, 60 deg F

April 15, 2019

Flood Support – Central VT / Pittsfield

On Feb. 15, Stowe Mountain Rescue was activated by VT FEMA to support potential flood events throughout Central VT.

SMR staged at the VT State Trooper Baracks in Middlesex and then at the VT State Trooper Barracks in Bethel.  At about 1:30 PM, VT FEMA activated SMR to respond to flooding in Pittsfield, VT.  SMR, along with Colchester Technical Rescue, went house-to-house in a flood-ravaged neighborhood cut off by flooding and road wash-outs.  No rescues were required.

SMR was released and returned to station without incident.

Team Members Responding
Veliko, Ghovoni, Speer, Eykelhoff, Rogers, Wehse, Raybold, Millick, Clymer

Other Agencies Responding
Colchester Technical Rescue

Time of Event
0630 – 1800

Weather Conditions
Overcast/Light Rain, Calm, 45 deg F

February 22-24, 2019

Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) Recertification

On Feb. 23-24, Stowe Mountain Rescue traveled to New York’s Adirondack Park for its Mountain Rescue Association reaccreditation exam.

Every five years, the team is required to go through a skills testing process to maintain national certification.

Examiners from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina put teams through a series of scenarios to evaluate their competence in high-angle rescue, snow and ice rescue, and lost person searches.

Team Members Responding
Full Team

Other Agencies Responding
NY Rangers

Time of Event
Saturday:  0730-1030

Sunday:  0700-1300

Weather Conditions
Saturday:  Partly Sunny, Calm, 20 deg F

Sunday:  Overcast/Drizzle, Calm, 35 deg F

February 17, 2019

Injured Nordic Skier

A 73-year old woman was skiing at Trapp Family Lodge and fell while descending the Haul Road Bypass, injuring her left upper leg / hip.  She was unable to stand and required extrication.  Personnel from Trapp Family Lodge responded and stabilized the patient until SMR arrival.
SMR and Stowe Rescue staged at the intersection of Luce Hill Road and Haul Road. Two tracked SMR ATVs and a SMR snowmobile were used to move resources to the patient.
The patient was found in a left lateral recumbent position.  Patient examination identified point tenderness in her left upper leg (Femur) / hip.  A SRS Paramedic administered pain medication.  The patient was transferred to a litter and immobilized with a vacuum mattress and padding.  She was evacuated with an ATV without incident and transferred to SRS for transportation to Copley Hospital.

Team Members Responding
Veliko, Westervelt, Speer, Wehse, Raybold, Warren, Charlouton, Clymer

Other Agencies Responding
Stowe Rescue

Time of Call
16:00 – 18:00

Weather Conditions
Partly Sunny, Calm, 20 deg F