February 17, 2019

Injured Nordic Skier

A 73-year old woman was skiing at Trapp Family Lodge and fell while descending the Haul Road Bypass, injuring her left upper leg / hip.  She was unable to stand and required extrication.  Personnel from Trapp Family Lodge responded and stabilized the patient until SMR arrival.
SMR and Stowe Rescue staged at the intersection of Luce Hill Road and Haul Road. Two tracked SMR ATVs and a SMR snowmobile were used to move resources to the patient.
The patient was found in a left lateral recumbent position.  Patient examination identified point tenderness in her left upper leg (Femur) / hip.  A SRS Paramedic administered pain medication.  The patient was transferred to a litter and immobilized with a vacuum mattress and padding.  She was evacuated with an ATV without incident and transferred to SRS for transportation to Copley Hospital.

Team Members Responding
Veliko, Westervelt, Speer, Wehse, Raybold, Warren, Charlouton, Clymer

Other Agencies Responding
Stowe Rescue

Time of Call
16:00 – 18:00

Weather Conditions
Partly Sunny, Calm, 20 deg F