Want to volunteer with Stowe Fire Department or Stowe Emergency Medical Services?

You’ll talk to Tony Carniglia before you pull on a fireproof suit or take your first training class. Carniglia was recently appointed the departments’ first recruitment and retention officer. The position was recommended in a 2016 report to help address waning volunteerism for the fire department and emergency medical team.

Scott Brinkman, Stowe EMS chief, said the report suggested a full-time officer, but Carniglia won’t be working full time; instead, he’ll respond to potential new volunteers as their applications trickle in, and make appearances at events around town to increase the visibility of the fire department and emergency crew.

“A lot of times, when people make calls, I try to get back to people right away,” said Mark Sgantas, Stowe’s fire chief, but Sgantas’ full-time job as a cardiac nurse in Burlington, and his responsibilities as chief, can get in the way.

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